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We want to be your Low Cost car park at the Oporto airport. Because low cost is not just a price strategy, it's a way of life. A way of life for the young and not so young who give more importance to living new experiences than to a life of luxury, who prefer to travel the world jumping between hotels, flights and low cost restaurants to staying in their homes.

That generation of dreamers, adventurers, and people rich in experiences, is our generation and for that reason, we have put at your disposal a low cost car park at the Oporto airpot because low cost has changed the world and has adapted it to you, allowing you to enjoy it without losing benefits or security.

Low Cost Parking is a functional, comfortable, safe service and a practical solution where you can leave your car with the peace of mind that it is being watched and that as soon as you arrive, you will be taken from the car park to the airport and vice versa. But, above all, Low Cost Parking is an economic service, so, forget the problem of not knowing where to leave the car. Don't give it any more thought and go and travel the world.

We are the cheapest car park in Oporto airport where you keep your keys and we are striving to be even cheaper. Please find our rates below:



Green Parking

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1st 15 minutes fraction €5,50 (VAT included)
Next fractions €0,00 / day (VAT included)
Maximum cost per day for the 1st, 2nd, 3rd day €5,50 (VAT included)
Maximum cost from the 3rd day €5,00 / day (VAT included)
Every 6 days, the 7th day is FREE

all periods are 24h, except the last day that has + 4 hours of tolerance for possible delays

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March 21, 2018

Changes in the Passenger Transfer operation

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