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Frequently asked questions - Green parking

  1. Why should I choose Low Cost Green parking?
    • When looking for a car park at the Sá Carneiro airport, Low Cost Green Parking is the solution chosen by travelers to park their cars because it combines comfort and price. It is an ideal parking for regular travelers, for young and dynamic people, for elderly people with a young soul. With Low Cost Parking, green parking service, you make your reservation online for free, you park your car yourself, you keep the keys and we take you and bring you from the terminal and all at the best price in the entire vicinity of the Oporto airport. You will not find a cheaper car park in the Sá Carneiro airport area, nor one that allows you to keep the keys to your vehicle.
  2. What are the Low Cost Green Parking working hours?
    • The Sá Carneiro airport never closes, so our parking lot does not either. We are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. No matter what time your flight arrives, an employee of Low Cost Green parking will always be ready to help you. Also, if your flight is delayed, you will not have to pay extra because we give you a tolerance period of up to 4 hours. For all this and much more, we are the preferred choice of travelers.
  3. Where is Low Cost Green Parking located?
    • Low Cost Green Parking is located only 300 meters from the Sá Carneiro airport, so close that you can even walk but this is not necessary because we have a totally free shuttle to take and bring you from the terminal in a few minutes.
  4. How long does it take place to get from the car park to Sá Carneiro airport?
    • Just a few few minutes. We know that our public are dynamic people, people who do not have time to lose, that is why we always have vehicles available to take you from the parking lot to the airport in a matter of minutes.
  5. Shoul I book in advance at Low Cost Green Parking?
    • It is not compulsory but we strongly recommend it because otherwise we cannot guarantee having a space available and we do not want that to happen to you, because don't forget, we are the most economical solution in the area! So to avoid this, all you have to do is access our reservation system and thus ensure that we will have a place waiting for you. If you have difficulties with your reservation, you can call us at +351 220 994 829. Not sure if you will travel in the end? No need to worry, modification or cancellation is completely free.
  6. How do I access Low Cost Green Parking?
    • When you make your reservation we will provide you with a QR code by email, along with the confirmation. By showing this code at the access barrier, either on the screen of your smartphone or on a print out, you and your car can access our car park at the airport of Sá Carneiro.
  7. Where should I call for you to come to collect me?
    • It is not necessary to call! Again, at Low Cost Green Parking we know that our users, dynamic people, want quick and easy solutions, so when you get back to the Sá Carneiro airport, you just have to go to the meeting point. When you return until 09:00: At the exit of the arrivals terminal, cross the pedestrian crossing, in front of the taxi stand in the direction of the central island and on your right you will find an employee waiting for you. When you return from 09h01, go up to the departure terminal, (elevator / mechanical stairs) go to door "B" and you will find an employee waiting for you. He will guide you to one of our shuttles that will take you back to our parking lot, where we will deliver your car.
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