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6 x 5 Winter

Low Cost Parking has a new super campaign!

Park your car 6 days and pay only 5 days, an excellent offer for everyone looking for a car parking near the Porto Airport at a Low Cost price.


Why book your parking in Sá Carneiro with Low Cost Parking? Because it is comfortable, safe, cheap and also because it is very easy!

If you have got to here, our services and our rates have convinced you, which makes us happy because we work very hard to offer you all the amenities that Low Cost Parking has at the best price. But hey, you've come here to make your reservation, so we will not hold you up any further.

All you have to do is fill out the form that you will find below and your reservation will be registered. We will send you an email with the confirmation of your reservation and the QR code that will give you access to our facilities.

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March 21, 2018

Changes in the Passenger Transfer operation

(passengers pick up/drop)