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How does our green parking service work

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1. Online parking reservation in Sá Carneiro

The fastest and easiest way to start enjoying the advantages of Low Costgreen parking in Oporto is to use our reservation system for free. We will send you an email to confirm that you have reserved parking for your car successfully; the email includes a qr code that will allow you to access our facilities, very close to the Oporto airport. If you have any questions or need help to make your reservation you can call +351 220 994 829.

2. Come to Low Cost Green Parking Oporto

Once we have confirmed your reservation by email, you can go to our parking with your car on the date and time you have selected. We are located just 300 meters from the airport of Sá Carneiro (Oporto). We are really close and at a Low Cost price! But if you need help finding us, we have put this map at your disposal where you can get directions to get from wherever you are to our facilities.

3. Access and park your car

When you arrive at Low Cost Green Parking Oporto, everything is very simple. You just have to show the qr that we had sent you along with your reservation confirmation at the entrance barrier. You can show it both on a print out and directly on the screen of your mobile. When you show it, you will be issued an entry ticket and you can park your car yourself. In our parking you park your car and take the keys with you!

4. We take you to the Oporto airport

Once you have parked your vehicle, which will be guarded by our video surveillance system, go to the entrance of Low Cost Green Parking, (our car park at the Oporto airport) and a shuttle (shuttle) will take you to the Sá Carneiro airport completely free of charge. Do not worry about possible delays because we always have available vehicles and will be at the airport in a few minutes. In addition, we are so close to the airport that, if you wish, you can walk.

5. When returning, come to our meeting point

When you return from your trip, simply go to our meeting point. When you return from 03:01 until 09:00: At the exit of the arrivals terminal, cross the pedestrian crossing, in front of the taxi stand in the direction of the central island and on your right you will find an employee waiting for you. When you return from 09:01 until 03:00, go up to the departures terminal, (elevator / mechanical stairs) go to door "B" and you will find a Low Cost Green Parking employee to help you. Do not worry if you have delayed a bit; In addition to having low cost prices, we have a tolerance of up to 4 hours so you do not have to pay excess.

6. We take you back to the car park

When you are at the meeting point, another shuttle like the one that took you to the airport, will pick you up and take you back to our parking lot. Once there and presenting the ticket that you were issued when you arrived with your car, you can make the payment easily at our atms. All you have to do is drive your vehicle from our car park because remember that in Low Cost Green Parking, you keep the keys of your car. Come back soon!




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