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Green Parking
Green Parking
Green Parking

Green Parking

Park and take the keys · New Parking only 300 meters from the terminal · FREE Airport Transportation · Face-to-face surveillance and 24-hour cameras

Green Parking
Red Parking
Red Parking
Red Parking

Red Parking

We park your car · We are where always, only 150 meters from the terminal · FREE Airport Transportation · Face-to-face surveillance and 24-hour cameras

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Low Cost Parking in oporto is your economic, comfortable and safe parking solution next to the Sá Carneiro airport. During your trip, trust your car to real professionals who have been working to serve more than 20,000 people a year for more than 8 years.

We have a simple and intuitive online booking system and our facilities are completely video-monitored to ensure the safety of your vehicle. In addition, we have a free shuttle service to the terminal in just a few minutes and, when you return from your trip, if you wish, we will deliver your vehicle in an impeccable state with our ecological washing service. All these and many other functions have made Low Cost Parking Oporto the reference car park at sá carneiro airport over the course of the last few years.

Currently, LowCostParking has two different parking services: Red Parking and the new Green Parking, fully automated, so you can choose the one that best suits your way of traveling.



Low Cost Green Parking


This is our new fully automated service. At Green Parking, when making your reservation we will send you an email with a qr code that will give you access to a fully automated parking lot, where you park your vehicle and take the keys with you. Of course, our shuttles are also available at Low Cost Green Parking to bring you to the terminal, which is only 300 meters away. And if our classic service seemed cheap, the new Green Parking is even cheaper, only € 5 a day, € 4.5 from the third day and every 6 days, the seventh is free.

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Low Cost Red Parking


This is our lifelong service. You arrive at our car park, you deliver your car, we park it and in a few minutes, we take you to the terminal, located just 150 meters away, in one of our shuttles. When you return from your trip, you will go to our meeting point and we will bring you back to our facility, where we will make delivery of your vehicle. And all for justo €5,5 a day, € 5 from the third day and every 6 days, the seventh day is free.

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It is not necessary to book in advance, but as we have said, our parking is one of the best in Porto and we do not want you to end up without a space, so we strongly recommend that you make your reservation in advance. You can do it through our website. To do this, you just have to select which of the two previously explained parking services is better suited to you. We work hard to make the system as simple as possible but if you have any problems, call us and we will help you with your reservation.


Servicio de lavado Low Cost Parking


Imagine returning from your trip and finding your car impeccably clean? Sounds good, right? We think so and for that reason, we have put at your disposal a washing service that is both ecological and responsible with the environment. Check the list of available rates and services.

Horarios Low Cost Parking


The Sá Carneiro airport never closes, so neither does LowCostParking. Our employees and our shuttles are always available to you, whatever the time of your flight and if it is delayed, do not worry, we will give you a pass so you do not have to pay extra.

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We are the Low Cost Oporto car park because, in addition to being professionals and caring for your vehicle, we are a very cost-effective solution. As we have said, the price of our two parking services gets reduced even further from the third day and, every 6 days, the seventh is totally free!


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